Sunday, 29 July 2012

And finally...

I just checked the last of the photos from the performance on Friday. It was a bit crazy on the gallery, the video camera decided to overheat and eat its batteries, so things got a little bit challenging. Here are the pictures from the moments that were left. See you next year.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Friday pics

Congratulations to one and all. It all got a bit tight today. There was no time for a complete run through so the show that took place was about as live as it gets. Everyone gave everything they had and more and the result was superb. Thanks are in order for everybody that made it happen, first and foremost the kids who did the work, and then everyone else, staff, volunteers, parents, families and friends. We're all glad we can relax a bit - 364 days to the next one. So farewell for now and here are the last pics of the day.

Art for arts sake

I'm going to get the sack! I realised after I'd pulished the last post that I'd forgotten to upload pictures of the set and the fabulous art work that the team produced. So without further ado...